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It hurts,

it hurts me that

I can’t touch you

through the distance,

through the paper,

through the pixels,

Perhaps my words can…


Though it hurts me

because my words speak

of their own accord,

while my actions only

are in the right place.

My words will cut and melt,

hurt like shrapnels,

just as the thoughts

that gave birth to them,

but my arms would 

do nothing other than

protect you

and emanate the warmth

of the sun that

grows inside me 

at the thought of you.

My tears are meaningless

if I can’t give them to you - 

what is the point of telling you

about them,

meaningless water spilling

in the ageless temple of words,

these reckless knaves again…

Trust me, if you can help it,

this one time -

listen to my words,

for my arms are so far away

reaching yet failing to grasp

even the empty cold air -


and then forget me,

me and my words…

If you can help it.

- A.W.

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"A poem has secrets that the poet knows nothing of."

- Stanley Kunitz (via theparisreview)

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